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We put the "Amazon consumer experience" to workplace mental health so you get delightful personalized care early and seamlessly.

Screen Early, Live Fully

The first onset of mental health disorder occurs before age 25 for 60% of your workforce. But most HR teams don't know which half.


So we develop a complete screening, triage & early intervention solution that discovers mental health risks early and delivers the right care at the right time.  

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A personalized wellness experience that wows employees every time

Most workplace health and benefits apps are boring and under-used. We add the good "Amazon consumer experience" to corporate apps so you get personalized care early and seamlessly. Be delighted every time.

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Use all your mental health services anonymously, keep personal health data securely

We never ask for your name or contact information to use our services. Plus, no personal identifiable health data leaves your phone or laptop, ever.

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