Next gen mental health services for your tribe

We help employees manage stress & prevent burnout so they can live happier, fuller lives.

This is how we support employee mental health for your business continuity

Digital-Enabled EAP

 We have the largest network of employee assistance program (EAP) providers so you get the right EAP that best suits your needs.

Stress Management App

 We turn science-backed methods into powerful, user-friendly tools that help your employees monitor stress, relax & stay mentally healthy.

Assessment & Training

We work with you throughout the year to ensure your workplace is conducive & your people committed to long-term wellbeing.

24/7 helpline that is 1 click, 1 call away


Conventional EAPs are seldom used by employees. So we make getting help more accessible & approachable. Most importantly, we promise all EAP calls stay confidential, always.

Simple but effective tools for managing stress


Most wellness tools are complex & manual to use. We designed ours so you spend less time on our app & more time being mentally healthy.

Tailored assessment & training for better program ROI


We want your program to succeed so your people stay healthy & your cost savings high. You get ongoing organizational assessment & leadership trainings throughout the year from our experts.

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Frequently asked questions

Who owns my employee data?

Your employee data belongs to them and they have complete control over what they share, who they share with and where the data resides. In fact, all their personal health data is stored only on their phones.

How secure is the Bonfire Health platform?

We don't collect your employee's personal identifiable information & store all your their health data securely on their phone. Never on our Cloud servers. We run data protection & cybersecurity checks continuously. Your employee confidentiality is our highest priority!

How do you charge?

Yes. We offer flexible pricing plans for different needs. Contact us to find the right plan for you.

How can we help your employees?


Want to see more?

We love to understand your needs and share how our complete employee wellness app can address them through a demo. 

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