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We keep your people mentally fit with better wellness program management that saves money and time for your organization.

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Your Partner to Build Mentally Fit Teams

We provide the tools and professional support to effective workplace mental health programs so you delight your people more with less stress. 

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Increase Usage with a Program Management App

HR teams struggle to engage their people with standalone mental health programs. You can now orchestrate like a boss - manage, execute and gamify them in one place


Implement Stress-Free with a Professional Support Team

Give your team additional human support with our Total Care team, a professional support service comprising various experts from marketing, performance, and coaching

Discover Meaningful Data, Make Better Policies

Understand why things happen beyond what happened. We give you a concise and actionable dashboard to make better HR policies that improve people's outcomes

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How Do We Make You a Valuable Employer? 


Listen to your people and trust them


Make better data-driven HR policies


Design great wellness experiences


Care for your people by walking the talk


With the Right Platform, Every Program Can Be Effective 

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